If you’re a writer, journalist, columnist, artist, cartoonist, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, schizophrenic, or any sort of creative individual looking for work, get in touch with us using the form below!

P.S writers should read the following page before submitting anything. http://prismagazine.com.au/so-you-want-to-write-for-prism/

If we choose to publish your content on the site or the print magazine you will still retain full copyright over your work. Currently there is no pay incentive as we are still a starting company and have zero profit, but we will give you a copy of the magazine your work is published in. We plan to pay our contributors and staff with real money as soon as we are financially able to do so, but until then, know that your work will be seen/read by a wide range of people and you can’t put a price on exposure.

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