Interview with Pixel Artist, Mark Bern

By Michael Cunningham.

Mark Bern, born in 1979, is an emerging artist from Zurich, Switzerland. As a teenager, Bern explored the possibilities of image manipulation on his first computer – a Commodore 64, but it is only now, twenty years later, that he has shown his creative output to the public. His digital artworks feature abstract, pixelated forms that borrow various elements from mosaic patterns to cubism; he refers to this unique style as pixel art. We love pixels here at PRISM, so we decided to interview the artist and share his work with you.

PRISM: Hey Mark, thanks for agreeing to do an interview.

Mark: My pleasure.

Pixel art is mostly seen in old school video games, but I’ve never seen it used as a medium for creating abstract artworks such as yours. Have you created a new art genre?

Mark: That’s a good question! As far as I know there is no artist focusing on the same style like I do. My art reflects the modern digital zeitgeist of today’s generation. It is abstract, pixelated, flashy and gaudy. Continue reading Interview with Pixel Artist, Mark Bern

Neil Krug – Photo Cowboy

By David Robertson.

Neil Krug, the Clint Eastwood of photography, was born in Kansas in 1983, but currently bases himself in LA, where he is finishing up photography projects and trying his hand at being a film director. Krug received a whirlwind of attention when he posted stylised photos of his supermodel wife, Joni Harbec. It wasn’t because his wife is a bombshell (though I’m sure it helped) but because of the way his pictures evoked a surreal spaghetti western vibe. He achieved this by shooting with a reel of Polaroid film, giving the shots a “grainy, sun-scorched feel”.

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Top 10 Spelling and Grammar Errors in Gangsta Rap

gta san andreas

By Nick Taras.

I’m from the notorious middle-class Melburnian suburb known as Malvern. African-American Vernacular English is like a second language to me. In fact, due to Malvern’s dense population of elderly residents in retirement villages, the mortality rate is actually higher on the streets of Malvern than the ghettos of Compton.

But while I keep it gangsta on the streets of Malvern, I need to make a stand against gangsta rap. No musical genre butchers the English language more than rap music. Forget murder and drug use – rap music’s abuse of the English language is far more offensive than the actual lyrical content.

Errors like “you was” and “I is” are so prevalent in rap that I’ve had to ignore them in this article entirely. I’ve even had to disregard Tupac’s Ambitionz Az a Ridah, Timbaland’s The Way I Are and everything by Lil Wayne.

Instead, here are the top 10 worst spelling and grammar mistakes in gangsta rap. Continue reading Top 10 Spelling and Grammar Errors in Gangsta Rap

Aliens, Death Threats and a Free Flight to Brazil

“I am willing to pay your way to face me, not because you believe in aliens, but because you’re an obnoxious asshole that needs to be shown your actions have consequences. In this case it is pain, mutilation and a lifetime of regret.”

By Michael Cunningham.

In 2011, I uploaded a video about crop circles on my old blog. While I don’t necessarily believe crop circles are made by extraterrestrials, I did think that the one in the video was particularly amazing, and figured it’d be a decent way to start up a discussion on aliens. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy discussing life outside our planet? I didn’t receive any comments until a year later, when a user by the alias of ‘slrman‘ called me stupid for in believing in aliens. A harmless debate ensued, where he persisted in calling me names in a lame attempt to get me to ‘prove’ that aliens existed, which I admitted I could not. An average night out on the internet, right?

Eventually ‘slrman’ – a 70-year-old man called James Smith – became so infuriated with me that he offered to pay my way to João Pessoa, Brazil (where he lives) so that I could meet him face to face and tell him that I believe in aliens, oh, and so he could beat the shit out of me for holding that belief. With nothing better to do, I decided to humour him. I wanted to find out if his intentions on buying me a plane ticket to Brazil were genuine, and besides, I figured I could use a holiday. Continue reading Aliens, Death Threats and a Free Flight to Brazil

Louis Wain – Schizophrenic Cats

schizophrenic-cat (1)

By Michael Cunningham.

Louis Wain was an English artist known for drawing cats, going crazy, and then drawing more cats. Later in his life he developed schizophrenia and psychologists believe that his descent into madness can be clearly seen in his cat drawings.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterised by a total disintegration of nearly every aspect of human psychology, including thought, perception, behaviour, language, emotion and communication. These disturbances usually manifest in visual/auditory hallucinations, paranoid delusions, disorganised speech and complete social dysfunction – in other words, schizophrenia is the deep end in the pool of mental disorders.

Let’s take a journey through Wain’s psychological breakdown through the following pencil and oil on canvas portraits of cats below.
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Philippe Ramette – Warped Reality

By David Robertson.

Believe it or not, these photos weren’t created on Photoshop. French artist Philippe Ramette adheres to his philosophy that nothing should be faked, which is why you’ll notice little incongruities throughout his pictures: “You see a tension in my hands, my red face is far from serene as the blood rushes to it, my suit is ruffled.”

Ramette sculpted his way to fame in the 90’s as part of the French contemporary art scene, creating odd wooden and metal objects. As his career progressed, Ramette developed an interest in photography, and through it he has created a strange neo-romantic universe, using well planned, yet utterly irrational situations. His works seem to create a statement about gravity, weightlessness and man’s relationship to the landscape. Continue reading Philippe Ramette – Warped Reality

Welcome to Twin Peaks

twin peaks

By Michael Cunningham. A dead homecoming queen wrapped in plastic, a one armed man, a dwarf who speaks backwards, a table full of donuts, silent drapes, an old lady and her omniscient log, trippy dream sequences, Tibetan mysticism, secret diaries, cherry pie and of course, a damn fine cup of coffee – these are just some of the strange happenings that defined the cult classic TV masterpiece, Twin Peaks. Mark Frost and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks was one of the most popular shows on television when it came out in 1990, and with good reason. The series’ popularity didn’t end with the finale, however, and has recently had a revival among old and new fans alike with news of a third season scheduled for release in 2016. Having recently re-watched it myself, I can say that it has aged very well and remains one of my all time favourite shows. The series, which can best be described as a surreal soap opera/horror/comedy hybrid, revolves around the case of homecoming queen Laura Palmer’s mysterious and brutal death. Arriving in Twin Peaks to investigate the case is Detective Dale Cooper, a quirky FBI agent who finds that the town not only has coffee as ‘black as midnight on a moonless night’, but even darker secrets.
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